Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Giddy up, Timmy!

Independent correspondent Alan Carr was being interviewed on National Radio this morning about furore surrounding British MPs’ helping themselves to the public cookie jar.
He had this to say about the mood of the country:

'My oh my, people are hopping mad over here.'

Take that, you naughty MPs.


Anonymous said...

The English are great like that. Their ultimate diplay of rage is to write a strongly-worded letter to the Times.

And they sign it things like R. Hastings (Mrs).

White Rabbit said...

Oh their skin must be burnt with that searing comment

Alan Carr as in bespectacled Alan Carr?

laughykate said...

Hee, Tinman, you nailed it.

White Rabbit, I am thinking you're thinking of the funny guy Alan Carr? Think there must be more than one, cause this guy didn't sound like a funny man.