Monday, May 11, 2009


My brother-in-law over at Quote Unquote often does Sentence of the Day. I particularly liked this:

Noel Gallagher of Oasis on his brother Liam, whom he calls “the angriest man you’ll ever meet”:
He’s like a man with a fork in world of soup.

And I thought I'd a few sentences that I have either read or heard over the last little while that have made me smile.

Long haul bus travel being described as transport of the damned.

Being put on hold being described as the curse of modern civilisation.

Mark Broatch of the Sunday Star Times writing about Rome as a city 'where you can't bury the cat without digging up a new civilisation.' Or something like that, the article was written sometime last year, but the line has still stayed with me.

And finally, last week White Rabbit described a guy she encountered as 'scarier than a clown dressed in a tuxedo gutting kittens.'

That's all.


Grumbly Gav said...

Liam Gallagher also mixes his spirits with milk as he thinks it will line his stomach and he won't get a hangover.
True story.

laughykate said...

So not too bright, then ?

flowerman said...

Hey my dad has regularly over the years consumed whisky & milk. It was a seventies thing & I think Liam is just being edgy retro.

tinman18 said...

I still like your "drink up, there are thousands of sober children in Africa".

Holemaster said...

You wanna read some of the rubbish my clients e-mail to me. I often read something four or five times before I realise it makes absolutely no sense at all. I think they type them while looking at shoes on a website on another computer screen.

laughykate said...

But Flowerman, did your dad mix his whiskey with milk in order for him to be able to drink more during a 48 hour bender, or cause he liked the taste?!

Tinman, I'm quite fond of that one,too. Haven't managed to pull it out and attempt to claim it as my own, yet.

laughykate said...

Hoelmaster, your clients have two computers at one desk?! Flash.

Mark Broatch said...

How nice to be quoted.

"Rome is a glorious ruin, where you can't bury a cat but dig up a civilisation."

And it's true. God knows how they built an underground.

laughykate said...

Such a great line.