Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Email I received today.

'Hi Kate, thanks for your offer of your vehicle, can you please be here at 9.15 a.m so we can pack your car.?

A coupla things.

1. I, um, didn't offer my car, but that's neither here nor there.

2. Into my car they were going to have to pack: big camera, tripod, lights,other assorted paraphernalia, three strapping blokes (one of whom is 2.6 metres tall) and myself.

3. My car has two doors.


Meadow said...

Hee, sounds cosy.

Stephen Stratford said...

Maybe they mistook you for Shelley Kitchen and thought you were up for a game of squash.

Holemaster said...

Maybe they meant pack your car into something else.

laughykate said...

Meadow, so cosy that most of it would have ended up on the roof, including me.

Stephen, hah! (However if that was the case, as one of them was a professional sportsman, I would have lost.)

Holemaster - I think that can be the only logical explanation!