Friday, May 08, 2009

I'd like my parking ticket to go to the Shelter for Obese Three Legged Chihuahuas, please.

Just currently I've got $132 of traffic fines to pay. While some people got chocolate eggs at Easter, I was lucky enough to get a $120 Easter speeding ticket.

And then last week I got a $12 parking ticket. Which I kinda deserved, as I had left my car in the same spot all day in the hope that the Parking Cowboys were patrolling another part of town. Apparently not.

Anyway, I'm not too bummed about that cause I haven't had a parking ticket for a couple of years and if you add up to the amount of free parking I've had I still reckon I'm up for the day.

Now I've come up with an idea that would take away most of the pain of paying fines.

Ching! Ching! Ching!

Could you all put down your toys and please pay attention?

Everyone listening?

Holemaster! Get the magnet away from Tinman!

Right, here we go.

How would you feel about paying fines if the money went to the charity of your choice, instead of your money going back into some massive faceless system, 'Now, madam that'll be $120, now what charity would you like your money to go to?'

'Child cancer thanks. And why don't we just round it up to $200?'

Under this system I reckon you'd find the $450 million that is currently owed in this country in overdue fines would be swiftly cleared up.

Wouldn't you feel so much better about getting a speeding/parking ticket? Kind of smug (towards the person who is writing you the ticket because you no longer resent them) and philanthropic, all a the same time.

Possibly best I'm not running the country.


tinman18 said...

It's actually a very good idea.

What was I doing with the magnet, by the way?

laughykate said...

I was imagining Holemaster holding a magnet close to your dickie ticker, in an attempt to see if it affected your pacemaker in any way.

tinman18 said...

Jaysus, Kate, don't give him ideas..

jothemama said...

I am DOWN with this, I just got my first one, for FORTY quid!! Gah!