Wednesday, July 01, 2009

If you take one of the blue pills and mix it with three of the red ones......

My mate, who provides me with lots of material for this blog (see the pumpkin themed wedding), has just given me another pealer that I have to share.

While you're sitting at your computer toiling with either:copy, numbers, a snarky boss/employee or ignoring your wee darlings, spare a thought for my friend. This is how she spent time earning a crust earlier in the week.

"My 'career' has reached a new low.Just spent the morning pulling 'the bird' at the Prime Minister. Outside a school for deaf children. Wouldn't have minded if it was funny. It wasn't. My parents will be so proud..."

(She's stopped updating her Facebook page with what she's been doing as people were beginning to think that her world and the real world were two entirely different things.)


Holemaster said...

I'm lost.

laughykate said...

If I could reveal what her job is, it would all become crystal clear. But until such time it will just seemed terribly odd.