Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm thinking fans, I'm thinking umbrellas.......and maybe a plinth.

Okay so I am not over my obsession of Awkward Family Photos. The accompanying comment to this says 'Clearly, all of the other props were occupied at this photo studio.'

I think this guy's name is Trevin, which is kind of perfect.

They've started adding awkward family stories and this one really made me squirm,

'For Christmas my mom's entire side of the family gets together. One Christmas when the family was exchanging gifts, my great aunt came over to thank me for the ornament I gave her. She said thank you then took a second look at me and my cousin sitting next to me and told us we’d make a cute couple. No one really knew what to say.'

How about 'Put away the banjo Auntie Nora.'


Fat Sparrow said...

Yeah, I've got Okie relatives, so the banjo music is pretty much always playing in the background.

Family photos are never a good idea, although I have agreed to have one done with my mom and my daughter before we move to NI. I'm still having flashbacks to the last time I had to take a family photo, I believe my family drugged me to have me compliant.

Those brownies weren't bad, though.

whoopsadaisy said...

I saw this oic only this morning and seriously thought about blogging it too :D Honestly...who let him do that??

Holemaster said...

Good God no.

Anonymous said...


What was he thinking (a) when he had the picture taken and (b)when he decided to put it on the internet?

laughykate said...

And in a hundred years time a great-great grandchild will ask, 'Why does Great Granny Fat Sparrow always vacantly happy in photos?'


'It was the drugs, dear.'

Whoopsadaisy, considering his mother named him Trevin I'm thinking she wouldn't have tried to stop him.

Holemaster, the horror, the horror.

Tinman, I'm really hoping Trevin doesn't know he's on the internet.

Meadow said...

I... I... I...

laughykate said...

I...I....I am hearing you, Meadow!