Monday, July 06, 2009

More on Michael

This, from my brother-in-law. (Who saw it at Tumeke).

I laughed, but then I have very poor taste.


Fat Sparrow said...

Right there with you; I laughed like a loon.

That Hitler genre on YouTube just never gets old. My favorite one was the one where Hitler finds out that the American housing market has crashed and burned, and all his rentals that he bought to flip are worth nothing. Genius.

Of course there's always some German commenting on the YouTubes that Hitler isn't funny, he had people killed, yada yada yada. What is it with Germans, they never seem to be able to take the piss out of themselves.

Anonymous said...


He was too late to stop the texts, by the way.

laughykate said...

I haven't seen that one about the housing market Fat Sparrow, but you're right - I think the Hitler comedy genre will stack up for many many generations.

Tinman, I got one less than twenty minutes after I heard the news that he'd popped his clogs.