Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's quiz time, kids!

Before you read this, go pull out your car keys.

1. Count how many keys you have on your key ring.

( Eleven).

2. Now count the keys you use on a regular (i.e daily) basis.


3. Count the number of keys you have no idea what they unlock.



And I wonder why I continue to carry around inordinate amounts of shit in my handbag.

Now could someone out-key me and please make my key collection look not so ridiculous?

And last question of my Saturday quiz is, could someone also please explain how come something as little as a key has the power to monumentally screw your day ?


Holemaster said...

Six on mine, I use all of them. Although my car key ring has four keys. One for the drivers door and boot, one for the left passenger door, one for the ignition and one for the lock and chain for the steering wheel. It's an old car which has been broken into more times than I've gotten into it. That's because I always forget to use the lock and chain.

laughykate said...

Four for your car? Are you sure it's not a bank ?

All in all, the number of your keys put me to shame, however the number of your car keys make me look positively key-frugal.

tinman18 said...

One of the keys on my set is the key of my workmate's desk, just in case we need the company credit card while she's on holiday.

So I'm carrying a key 24/7 that I might need about once a year.

And she carries around a key to mine.

baconguy said...

3 keys, 2 for the house, one for the cycle

I do have a card to get into my office though.

laughykate said...

Tinman and Baconguy, maybe I shall have to think of my keys as shoes and then I will stop feeling so silly about having so many.

baconguy said...

I used to have lots of rubbish in my wallet.
Now I don't carry a wallet.
Loose change, notes, one card in left pocket. Phone in the other.

I just got another card so I am considering the wallet route, but it scares me.

laughykate said...

I could never do that (become wallet free) as I would end up constantly washing my money.

Holemaster said...

I also do the keys-wallet-phone dance every time I leave the house.

Front right pocket - keys
Front left pocket - phone
Back right pocket - wallet

My brother calls me Rain Man.

laughykate said...

Heh. No manbag?

baconguy said...

Its easy now I don't carry smokes, spare smokes, lighter, backup lighter, matches...

laughykate said...

Baconguy, smoker, or pyromaniac?!

Janie Jones said...

I'm a bit behind hand on this post, but I was compelled by my own sense of curiousity because I couldn't with any sense of accuracy state what was on my key chain without running for it to look. Results are tallied:

I have two separate carabiners for keys. One for work which has two keys, the skeleton for the whole office, and one for the coat cupboard. Then the other carabiner is for my personal collection which contains 7. Two for my car. They are exactly the same. I've just been too lazy to detach the spare. Then I have two of the exact same key for the front door (again too lazy to detach) and one for the back door of my house. One for the screen house. Finally one for the lock that used to secure my basement door on my old house. It lives on my key chain still because I have yet to find the lock since we moved and I just know that as soon as I throw it away I'll find the damn lock.

So, if I got my act together and got rid of the spares and the old basement lock key I'd be at 4. Actually, as I have a garage door opener, I almost never used the house keys, so I could probably leave those behind too. This doesn't however address my preoccupation with store tags that also live on my key carabiners and had to be dug through to actually be able to to count my keys....

laughykate said...

Thank you Janie ! You're making me feel a bit better (I particularly like that fact that you carry two of same on your key ring).

Janie Jones said...

;) Glad to be of service. Funny how one's own neuroses seem like nothing compared to others....

Speaking of neuroses, now I must off to Marcy-Land.

Cheerio to all!

jothemama said...


I have two front door keys, a key to my mother in law's house, and a car key.

You need to cut lose some dead weight, babe, that shit will give you backache. And dull your chi :)

laughykate said...

Wow. You're right.

Imelda shall have to throw out some shoes.