Thursday, July 09, 2009

An interesting place to park.

No, this isn't an me showing off my photoshop skills. This what happened when Arthur Manning sailed just a leetle to close to the rocks when over taking in a Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club race near Saint-Quay-Portrieux, north-west France.

Unfortunately, he tried to do it when the tide was sort of on its way out. You'll be relieved to hear the boat was refloated at high tide.

Unlike (as the Daily Mail points out) the owner's pride.


Fat Sparrow said...

Well, that'll be the last time he can complain about his wife's parking.

s.swallow said...

reminds me of a wonderful experience in hong kong with a big boat hitting hard bottom. there was a laughykateperson on that boat. not you by chance LK?

Holemaster said...

Man, if only the boat was called Whiskey.

leeann said...

I think that's the only position I could enjoy a boat, as I can't swim.

laughykate said...

Fat Sparrow,I was going to title it 'This makes my parking look good.'

S.Swallow, if that experience involved multiple champagne cocktails and guacamole that was made with unripe avocado, I was also reminded me of that same trip.

Holemaster, hah! Or - I Have Issues.

Hi Leeann, and as long as you liked rock climbing, it would be perfect for you.