Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Scotland, a simple observation from someone who knows very little about foreign politics.

So you lock him up an Islamic extremist nut job because he was integral in bringing down a plane over your patch, killing 270 people in what is the most horrific aviation disaster your country has ever known.

That is, until such time that Mr Murderer and Wrecker of (effectively)Hundreds of People's Lives contracts terminal cancer and you go, 'Poor wee lamb, you got a sore tummy? That's no good, is it? Why don't we send you home so you can die nestled into plumped goose down pillows, surrounded by those you love.'

I mean, hello ?

I smell something large, dead and rodent-like that involves words like, 'ulterior' and 'motives.'

It does beg the question - has Gadaffi's nephew Crown Prince Sayyid Hasan ar-Rida al-Mahid as Sanussi got one of Kenny Mackaskill's (insert:close male relation) kidnapped as some sort sex slave?

I only say this because it just seems that someone is being shagged up the derriere over this fiasco, and it's most certainly not Libya.


Fat Sparrow said...

It did seem kind of dodgy, did it not? Someone was going on about how it shows the merciful, civilized nature of the Scots, and there's me thinking, "You know what traits I've never heard mentioned in conjunction with the Scots? 'Merciful' and 'Civilized'."

They should let Smeato have a go at him.

laughykate said...

You know, I don't think I would be able to find an iota of compassion or generosity of spirit within me if someone said, 'Now one of the guys who murdered your brother, sister and law, niece and nephew (not to mention the other 266 ) is dying, and we'd really like to release him from jail, so he can die peacefully surrounded by his family.'


Fat Sparrow said...

With you on that one!

I have a hard time seeing career criminals being maintained in jail; what a waste of space. People go on about "oh, we ought to release them, they're too old now to be committing any crimes, anyway." And you know what? If that's the case, just have them put down. There's far too many worthy people out there who could use the resources being spent on taking care of murderers, kiddie fiddlers, and rapists.

Mind you, my heart gets all squishy for various causes, but making sure the above mentioned have a decent life (or a decent end) isn't one of them.

laughykate said...

Hard labour camps, at least get them doing something constructive.