Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's not my viewing of choice, but that won't stop me talking about it.

So it's just been announced that Dancing with the Stars winner, Tamati Coffee, managed to raise over $250,000 for his chosen charity Rainbow Youth.

It's a pretty sensational amount, considering $99,000 was raised for Upsidedown Trust which was second place getter Barbara Kendall's chosen charity.

But I have to say, a friend of mine remarked, 'What do Rainbow Youth need a charity for ? A better wardrobe for when they come out of the closet?'


Anonymous said...

Not being from upside-down land, I had to look up who they were...

Their website says "we're 20, and we're throwing two balls to celebrate!"


laughykate said...

Hmmmmm, I'm hearing ya.


Fat Sparrow said...

Being in the closet, I would have thought that they already had access to a better wardrobe...

Yes, yes, I know where the door is.

laughykate said...


But can't you hear it? 'But I've got nothing to wear!'

Anonymous said...

Spoken like the true oppressor. Don't worry that NZ has one of the highest youth suicide rates and gl kids are more likely to top themselves.

Don't worry that the poll running on stuff at the moment shows over half the voters think gays and lesbians shouldn't adopt kids. That's over half who think they are better than people they havent even met because of who they love.

Until we are all equal none of us will be equal but frankly I wouldn't lower myself to be equal with bigots.

PS They got 60%
The figures, released by TVNZ under the Official Information Act, show viewers donated $718,910 via text and 0900 votes, but just $433,053 was passed on to the chosen charities. The remaining $285,857 went into the coffers of the phone and vote tally companies. It pays to give direct.

laughykate said...

Jay-sus Dusty Annonymous, lighten up.

Look at the tone of this blog, it's flippant. I take the piss at anything where I see the opportunity for humour (myself included) and regardless of my feelings on a matter.

If I took myself seriously about the injustices in the world,I would go and hurl myself under the nearest bus.

I never said that Rainbow Youth was an unworthy charity. I just quoted a line from a friend which was funny. I think it was great that Tamati chose that as his charity (and I know that he would have had to scrap like an angry cat to get it. A friend of mine who was on the show had to go into huge battle for the charity she wanted to support because TVNZ didn't think it was high profile enough).

If you find my tone offensive then I would I suggest not spending your time here, cause I suspect I will just infuriate you.

Fat Sparrow said...

And good on you for taking the piss, LK. I'm sure that Anonymous will sleep tight knowing that s/he has the courage to anonymously state their anonymous convictions, anonymously. And without a sense of humor.

You know how FMC was talking about people commenting on unattractive clothes and what-not? I have a gay friend who, when faced with someone wearing a really dreadful outfit, would say "Oh my god, that is so straight!" Never failed to crack me up. Go on taking the piss, everyone needs a little humor in their lives.

laughykate said...

Oh thank you Fat Sparrow.

I really can't see the point of taking the world so seriously, what a complete fucking drag (which I is why, I suspect, the 23 year old in the office reckons that if age was based on maturity, he would be the oldest in the office).

P.S Loving that line !