Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That would be as a flapper - not as a slapper.

If I could go and live in any era, I think it would be in the roaring twenties.
I just love the fashion (okay, there is always the possibility that it can make you look like a dump truck - but I would just ensure I was got leg extensions during my time travel back there) and it just seems to have been such a bloody fun time.

Then there was also the endless rounds of cocktail parties (not only would I turn up to this decade with drainpipes for legs, but also armed with a very fat bank account).
And then, when you're just getting sick of the heady lifestyle there was always the Wall Street Crash just round the corner to make sure you didn't have too much fun.


And that got me thinking - what era would I travel back to if I was poor? I have thought about this for a while, and I reckon I would have to been a stowaway on a boat in the late 1800s heading for Australia. At least it would have been hot when you got there.

But then, if I wanted to be a freeloader, I could just make it a whole lot easier for myself and be the unborn baby of a stowaway on a boat headed for Australia.

That's my time travel of choice, where would you go ?


Janie Jones said...

I would go back to Regency England, provided I could be a weathly gentleman's daughter with a big fat dowry and no need to marry for money.

But if I had to be poor there's really no time period I can think of that would be any fun to live in. Only the rich seem to have fun.

Then again, today I'm particulary crabby from a high dose of Karma-Come-Uppance so nothing sounds good.

laughykate said...

Regency England, hey? That's the age of the empire line, isn't it?

I'm thinking I'd have to be far too well behaved in order to be not sent back to the 21st century.

Mwa said...

I would obviously only want to go back to the past if I was going to be really rich. Maybe some kind of court living, all together in the palace with servants and lots of lovely food. With music and dancing and fun. Perhaps John Donne time or thereabouts. Naughty poem fun.

laughykate said...

I hear you Mwa, but the only thing about palaces is that they would have been a bit drafty in the winter.

HOwever a palace with a heat pump, now that's a different story.

Holemaster said...

I'd go back to the stone age with a box of lighters.

laughykate said...

And just in one comment, you've become the Vint Cerf of the stone age.

I am in awe.