Sunday, November 22, 2009

One of my more annoying habits..., when someone is reading a book, to ask 'Is he dead yet?'

What are yours?


XChequer said...

I correct people when they get "brought" and "bought" mixed up in their sentences.

Rude, I know, but christ, it irks me!

Oh, My shame.

laughykate said...

Now that's funny. At least you're aware of and accept your 'habit'!

Mwa said...

Do you have about a week? I have too many annoying habits, and even more I suppress.

I like to lick my children's faces sometimes when they least expect it. They don't like this. Very annoying.

I suppress the urge to tell people the difference between less and fewer. Most of the time.

laughykate said...

Licking your children's faces!! I'm imagining, 'Mum, I am not an ice cream!'

Janie Jones said...

When people are reading a book I have been known to say: "Oh. Are you reading?"

Updates from the planet obvious are a hallmark family trait.

laughykate said...

I'm liking it, Janie ! I also like to say loudly, 'Shhhhhhhh!' when the office is silent.