Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Russian Roulette

Today I was dashing across the road and my phone made a break for freedom. It jumped out of my bag and landed on the road.

Right in front of the oncoming traffic.

I watched and waited for its imminent death.

One car. Straight over the top.

It missed!

Second car. Surely it's going to be taken out now.

Straight over the top again!

This is almost funny. Here comes the third car, surely my phone shall be exploded this time.

Straight. Over. The. Top.

I got the trifecta!

Phone is now drugged and grounded. Me? I'm off to buy to buy a lotto ticket.


Jo said...

Thehandbag bit's the best. Though I like how it makes everyone smile in the ad.

Looks wobbly though. I'd be afeard.

Mwa said...

Nail-biting stuff!

laughykate said...

JO, I'm thinking you're talking about the Yikebike.It's amazing the reaction they get from the public, everyone's fascinated by them.

It was Mwa, it was!

Fat Sparrow said...

What, you didn't dash out in front of the cars to stop them? I guess it's just me that is that cheap.

Holemaster said...

"I can't come to the phone right now"

laughykate said...

You know the scary thing Fat Sparrow? It crossed my mind.

And it's even more true now, Holemaster. The little fucker has really made a break for freedom - I've since lost it.