Friday, November 13, 2009

When political giants meet.

I was listening to National Radio this morning and I heard this headline:

'New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has met with a top member of the United States cabinet ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Singapore at the weekend.'

And then I heard this:

'Mr Key met with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for an hour upon arrival in Singapore on Thursday night, saying a wide range of topics was discussed, from climate change to the US economic recovery.'

So they say they discussed a wide range of topics - from climate change to the US economic recovery. So exactly in what depths were these topics discussed?

Timothy Geithner: 'Jarrrrrhnnnn!'

John Key: 'Tum!'

Shake hands enthusiastically.

Timother Geithner: 'Buddy!'

John Key: 'Maaaaate!'

Timothy Geithner: 'How's the weather been down in Nuuu Zeeeland, Jarhnboy?'

John Key: 'Shut. How's your economy, Tum?'

Timothy Geithner: 'Fucked.'

John Key: 'Guudo. Now, where's the buffet?'


injaynesworld said...

I don't think you're far off.

laughykate said...

Or John could have been looking for the bar.

Anonymous said...


laughykate said...

As I am not one of those, that is why I cannot spell it.

*makes mental note,again, to read post before pushing publish.*

Fat Sparrow said...

Great work, if you can get it, no? And if you can stomach it. I suppose the buffet helps the bullshit go down a bit better.

laughykate said...

I think that's when you head to the bar!