Thursday, November 12, 2009

The jumping gene strikes again.

I have spoken before of how some members of my family have been cursed by a rogue jumping gene.

My poor nephew, Master Sunshine, was suffering from a particularly nasty bout of it last weekend, it lashed out in full force. (There he is, the guy with no ground beneath his feet.)

Luckily this nasty dose of the jumping gene coincided with his Regional Skateboarding Championships, and he managed to turn the evil jumping gene's power to good - and he won.

*Aunt Laughy Hen gently bustles her feathers and quietly clucks proudly.*


Holemaster said...

Well done him. I get terribly proud of my collective noun of nieces and nephews.

laughykate said...

Isn't it a lovely feeling,Holemaster?

tinman18 said...

Yes, well done to him, and you can feel your pride coming off the screen.

laughykate said...

Thank you, Tinman!

Fat Sparrow said...


I have what seems to be the Full Force Gravity gene, as does the Nestling Sparrow. If our feet are over an inch above the ground, we tumble right over.

So there's a reason my parents didn't name me "Grace."

I think the Spouse Sparrow must have been a mountain goat in a previous life; he seems to have some sort of climbing gene.

laughykate said...

The jumping gene has also given me a wide berth. I only need to look at a skateboard and am on me arse.

友達 said...

よく「彼氏いるでしょ~?」って言われるけど、イナイよσ(‾^‾)トモダチ集めてホームパーティーなんかしたりするのがマイブームでして♪♪好きな人ができてもハズかしくて告れない…(>_< )しゅりのココロをゲットしてぇ~☆コドモっぽい性格だから年上でお兄ちゃんみたいな人がタイプだよ(*^m^*)