Friday, November 27, 2009

The post that gets written when you're doing your damnedest to not start the project you've been putting off all day.

So out and about today, I saw a man. And he didn't look, well, quite like your ordinary bloke.

His hair was a medley of grey, black and ginger - tortoiseshell, if you will. He was balding and it was very long. (Which, if we're being honest, is never a good combination, there should be legislation against it).

He was wearing little heels, women's trousers and a navy (man) jersey and he had a fetching little black handbag with a silver chain over-the-shoulder strap.

It was quite sensational, I did a really bad job at trying not to stare. I wanted to follow him and find out his story. But I didn't.

And he didn't look anything at all like this man.

But I just wanted to find a reason to crowbar the nice man's picture into this post.

(And call me a Fashion Ignoramus, but the skirt isn't quite working for me, what do you think ?)


Sp8y said...

Now, don't go being disparaging about men is skirts. My nearest and dearest is very partial to a spot of kilt wearing, and very dashing he is too. Mind you, the mid-calf gummies and the matching tarten jacket are what makes me a little cross-eyed. And is that a large flat fish he's wearing over his shoulder?

laughykate said...

If it works for you and it works for him, then you're both winning.

I,however, am not so convinced.

Countess said...

Its the socks. They should be purple.Personally I think he should just get the gear off.

laughykate said...

Of course!

SaS said...

Polonecks, thats all I'm saying...

XChequer said...

Well spotted, Sp8y! I do believe thats an large Indian Spotted Kipper residing on his shoulder.

No wonder the model has that forlorn look on his face that sorta says 'yeah, I know, I know but hey!...... it's my job". The fish is probably starting to smell. Bad.

And, as he had to go and catch his own fashion "accoutrement", that probably explains the wellies as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

The chagrin. The half-smirk.
The look on that model's face says, 'Yeah, it's a skirt. I just made $1000 wearing it in public. So bite me.'

laughykate said...

Sas, I overlooked that ! Hmmm yes...

XChequer, it's all beginning to make sense now.

Artemisia, the half-smirk, yes, I'm picking you're exactly right, 'I'm getting paid, you're not.'

XChequer said...

Oh Artemesia, even you couldn't paint the sort of smirk that fellow is giving.

Being a fellow "compadre el testiculoso", I can see the pain in his eyes. What ever he was getting paid - it's not enough!


Janie Jones said...

Well.... Leif has been threatening to buy a kilt and wear it around the Great White north. Seeing as I have the distinct pleasure of being able to tell people I am neither his wife, nor his mommy, I figure let him.

So, I was almost on board thinking that the Scottish generally have been pushing the fashion boundaries already and as long as I'm not somehow emotionally or blood related, let them and allow the fun to begin. But then I scrolled down and got to what we call Wellingtons. Oh dear lord.

If you feel obligated to flash us your heavenly legs, don't go ruining the view with clunky rubber boots that hide your fabulous calves!!

Wrong! Women have been wronged and robbed.

laughykate said...

XChequer, you reckon it's pain? I'm thinking it's smugness, he knows he can wear a skirt with gumboots and still look hot.

Janie, it's just a bridge too far, isn't it?