Wednesday, December 02, 2009

And he was a cracking good skateboarder as well.

So I saw something interesting in the weekend.

A dwarf on a skateboard.

I'm hearing you, 'Not that interesting,Kate'. And definitely not as vaguely bizarre as a dwarf on a skateboard holding a leprechaun outfit.

But the thing that bumps this skateboarding dwarf into the not-your-everyday files was that he was wearing a g-string.

And competing in the Skateboarding Nationals.

That's all I am saying.


Holemaster said...

That's wrong.

I was driving down the west of Ireland last week where there are bad floods at the moment. We were driving along a lakeshore when we noticed a TV news crew and some locals, one of whom was a dwarf.

We figured they were using him to exaggerate the effect of the flooding to get more funding. He was probably touring the west for money.

leeann said...

In the matter of lingerie for dwarves, the g in g-string is, quite properly, lower case.
Well done. :)

Countess said...

G-strings are so over rated. They don't hide the pimples on your bum.

laughykate said...

Holemaster, that's one entreprenurial dwarf.

Leeane, I laughed out loud.

Countess, yup so over rated.

SaS said...

A g-string wearing, skateboarding dwarf? Every parish priests fantasy...

laughykate said...

*Puts hands over ears, shuts eyes tightly, shouts loudly*