Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm sorry, but haven't we learnt anything from Milli Vanilli?

My friend who lives in Australia (the one whose career 'highlight' included getting paid to pull the bird to the prime minister outside a deaf school this year- I only repeat that story because I love it so) sent me the link to this story.

A singer in a band called Jukebox was performing live on a Romanian music show called Stele-sub-la.

Things are going well so far.

Now this singer is known well for his live performing.

Still okay.

Until he performs...

I think the technical term for performing with your microphone upside down is an 'Epic Fail'.

Unless he is much brighter than he appears and knows that if he performs as though
he is a worshipper at The Church of Milli Vanilli, alot more people would be talking about him than if he didn't.

Like me.


Anonymous said...

The bird-pulling friend you mention is being paid this morning to try and eat M&Ms really, really fast with chopsticks, squeeze 17 rock-climbers into a Smart car, and organise a time for a heavily-tattooed roller derby chick to smash her way through locked burning doors...

Jayne Martin said...

I think Britney Spears got crap for lip-syncing on her European tour, too.

laughykate said...

Fantastic! At least there is no security involved in that, having said that, that last one sounds like it might sail very close to the legal line.

laughykate said...

Jayne, didn't see you there! You're right, I had thought I could do a post on 'When Lipsyncing Goes Bad.'