Friday, December 04, 2009

A digital native, I am not.

Does anyone' s brain, apart from mine, when it hears a word, conjure up an image that is the complete opposite to that word?

Exhibit A.

When anyone says 'terabyte' my brain brings up a picture not too dissimilar (but a little more scary) to this. Which is actually a Pterosaurs. And not even remotely related to something that has the capability to store massive amounts of digital information and can look like this.

Exhibit (but not quite so worrying) B.

When someone says 'cous cous' I always think of a cat, cause don't you reckon it would be a great cat's name?

I have many more examples but I will stop now before somebody calls the men in white coats.



Mwa said...

Beautiful. I'm racking my brain here. Why did I just think of boobs?

laughykate said...

And what image does that conjure up ? Or what conjures up that image, Mwa?

Holemaster said...


I never know if it's the underwear or the footwear.