Friday, December 18, 2009

Ho Ho Ho and a luminous pair of slippers.

Since everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit, I thought it was time I climbed up on the bandwagon.

So here I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas in my CHRISTMAS SLIPPERS!
Would you CHECK THOSE PUPPIES OUT ??!! Sensationally bad.

I would love to say that I could blame my mother for them, however I am reasonably confident I would have whined and whined and whined about getting them and she would have relented only so she wasn't forced into drowning me in the nearest puddle.

'Have you met Kate, our youngest? Sweet wee thing, yet such a pain in the arse and such terrible taste in fashion.We have no idea where that came from, the rest of the family can dress themselves quite adequately.'

Obviously the nurse's headscarf is my own addition, as well. I think I've mastered the Florence- Nightingale-groupie/off-to-join-a-cult look quite well.

And there's my cat I'm strangling. I've talked of her before, Chippies Murphy Hokey-Pokey Flicky-Tail Patches Tiger Jane MyLastName. Which is - obviously - why she ran away. My sister used to call her Shitty Cat.

And there's my brother Sunshine in the background, and even though you can't really see him, I know that look so well. It's the my-sister-is-such-a-twat-I-would-like-to-punch-her-in-the-throat look.

So there you have it. Merry Christmas from me, my now-dead cat and my very red slippers. Tis not my last post before I slope off, but just thought it was time to hurl some Christmas spirit around.

P.S Tis a glorious 27 degrees here, Summer is HERE! I love it so, even more when I get a text from a friend who is - right now - stuck at Heathrow in a snow storm .

I know who'd I rather be right now.


Saffron said...

Forget the slippers, I'd like the swinging chair for Chrismtas!

laughykate said...

Arrrrrr, the swinging chair.

Swing, thud, swing, thud, swing, thud.

'Would you children please STOP banging the swinging chairs into the wall!'

Countess said...

I love the xmas slippers, in fact I love the whole ensemble. What a neat childhood photo.

Jayne Martin said...

I think we had the same cat... Adorable photo. Merry Christmas!

Sp8y said...

Oh, and we had the matching version swinging chair on our veranda (dodging (snow) showers at Xmas) with sheepskin rug and cushions for comfort. That swing, thud, swing, thud, swing, thud thing is so evocative. You could create your own world out there. Preferably with book and cat. If I was older I'd add a jolly good chardonnay to the picture. Are we related?

Your sister said...

Those swinging chairs were deeply 70s, but I remember them lasting until the 80s, despite our repeated banging against the walls. Like Saffron, I'd be in favour of a couple for Christmas, although suspect they may not fit down the chimney.

Holemaster said...

Wow and I thought you were at least in your late twenties.

Mwa said...

And Merry Christmas to you! That's my first xmas wish this year.

SaS said...

I think the key to a swinging chair is in the name - swing. Not a good idea to put a wall beside it...

laughykate said...

Countess, why thank you !

Jayne, is that where she went? I've been wondering all this time.

My Sister! Did they ever fall out of the ceiling like Dad promised they would if we kept slamming them into the wall as we were inclined to do?

Holemaster, didn't you know ? I'm seven. And before either my brother or sister pipe up, that's not in cat's years.

Thank you Mwa! And back at 'cha!

Sas, outstanding!

Fat Sparrow said...

Are you playing "doctor" with that cat? Because you've got that nurse's cap on and your hand is in a very suspicious place, if you know what I mean.

Those slippers are just fine. You should see what the Fledgling Sparrow wears as slippers; fleece-lined Crocs, I shit you not.

And it was 80 here today, and it's winter. They never have any Christmas carols about people wearing shorts and flip-flops and debating whether or not to turn on the air, for some reason. Maybe it's because "central air conditioning" doesn't rhyme well?

laughykate said...

Fleece-lined Crocs? Please don't tell me they've been invented? Have we NO shame?

Hey and here's a New Zealand version of The Twelve Days of Christmas.

laughykate said...

Sp8y, I missed you there ! sorry. The only problem with the swing-thud and chardonnay is the spill issue.

And related? I am deeply suspicious.

Fat Sparrow said...

Oh yeah, fleece-lined Crocs are old hat, now. The Fledgling Sparrow's are generics, even, $4.99 last year at Big Lots.

I like that NZ version of "12 Days," it sounds so kinky in Maori, heh. I do believe I'll go around singing it while giving a few knowing winks and a couple of leers and see what reaction I get.

tinman18 said...

I'm just amazed at how much you look like the drawing of yourself. Same big smile, similar headwear.

And I'd always thought that was a flower on your dress, but I realise now that that your sister had a reason for calling him Shitty Cat.

laughykate said...

'Fleece-lined Crocs are old hat,now.'

Oh my,I think I need a lie down.

Tinman, I think you'll find most of my dresses have flowers on them. Oh and, *whispers* he's actually a she.