Monday, December 14, 2009


So if you live in New Zealand, anywhere south of Taupo and you have a Telecom mobile phone, you may have noticed that it's been strangely quiet this morning. Well this isn't because no one cares, but because the whole XT network is down.

Telecom have released a statement and here's the part I love :

'Telecom said via Twitter that a severe fault had resulted in the outage.'

Hmmm, call me crazy but is that just a euphenism for 'We have no fucking idea what the problem is and, until we do, we're clueless as to how to fix it.'

All I know is that there are people out there who will be having a hell of a worse Monday morning than me. Especially a handful of Telecom employees.


Countess said...

I've never considered myself 1 of those txt people...........but my phone is horribly quiet and I feel completely isolated. Yikes I've just realised this is probably what a baby feels like when it loses its dummy.
Must put down the phone and step away..........

laughykate said...

.....and back slowly out of the room. Breathe.

And start repeating quietly to yourself, 'Phone schmone'.

Holemaster said...

I love irony of them using Twitter to inform their customers.

laughykate said...

Isn't it great? It ended up being down for eleven hours, Telecom are now trying to figure out how to placate everyone.