Monday, May 24, 2010

It's the little things.

So my father, the arms dealer, is currently in Langkawi doing what any self respecting arms dealer does and, hang on, I have no idea what self respecting arms dealers do.

Anyhou. Yesterday I picked up a message on my phone, 'Hello Katethere, tell your mother I'm in Singapore!' I love those messages, it's as if he hadn't decided where he was actually off to when he left for the airport.

As he was coming through Auckland I whipped off to the airport to have a glass of wine with him before he hit the international terminal. I had gone straight from the hairdressers where I'd had a significant amount of hair chopped off. My hair tis still, technically, long but not half as long as it was.

After she'd had a good chop at it she proceeded to straighten my mass of unruly tangles. A new look.

So there I was, Little Miss Straight-but-Significantly-Shorter Hair. I walked up to my father who took one look at me and said, 'Gidday Wurzel (as in Gummidge,see: 'mass of unruly tangles'), you've grown your hair !'

My father rocks.


Phil said...

A young person once said to me - you rock!

And I said - don't call me a rock.

laughykate said...

Oh that's sweet! I always get from people, 'I'll see you shortly.'

Me:'Don't call me Shortly.'

Holemaster said...

I'll have four rocket launchers, thirty long range rifles, two tanks, one of those bouncing bombs and a box of right handed grenades.

laughykate said...

Coming right up, but there may be a wait on the right handed grenades.