Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So do you think he mugged him?

Tis one of my oldest friends in the world birthday today. I rang her and she told me that six months ago she had seen some gorgeous earrings that she absolutely loved. She had shown them to her husband and, deciding she would treat herself, went back to the shop the following week to make them her own.

But when she got there she discovered that they had already been bought.

'Ohhhhhh! They've been bought by my delightful husband, haven't they?' She squealed, all excited like.

'Well', said the sales person, 'if your husband is a short Indian man then, yes, they have.'

As her husband is tall and English, she didn't go home expecting to be surprised by him bearing a small, expensive gift in the near future.

You can imagine her delight when she unwrapped said earrings first thing this morning.

Oh, how I love stories like that.


Holemaster said...

Well? Come on, explain..... Did he get a friend or a workmate to go in or...... oh hang on a minute, he got copies made.

laughykate said...

See, if I was that salesperson I would have blushed, looked at my feet and said, ' they were bought by a guy who looked like your husband...but, no, what am I thinking? That's right, it was a guy who, um, looked like a clown. An Indian clown.'

I certainly wouldn't been able to confidently pull out the, 'If your husband is a small Indian man...' line.

I would be a rubbish spy.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Some people are just natural salespeople, like the one in the shop.

I'd have been useless in that situation too.

Holemaster said...

Oh stupid me, I see. That extra little touch, makes so much difference.