Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas shopping

Talking to my father the other night and I asked what The Fruitcake (my mother) was up to.
'Oh, she's on the Internet looking at where she's wanting to travel to next.'
'Where's she looking?'

So I know it's technically not the correct '-istan', but guess whose getting Borat for Christmas?


Holemaster said...


They* say Kazakhstan is where the Celtic people originated thousands of years ago. The Cossacks who were known for their horsey skills are essentially Kazakhs, hence the similarity in the names.

There you go, there's your Sunday Anthropology lesson.

*They are 'those people who say things'.

laughykate said...

Lordy Holemaster, that's some fine anthropology you have lurking in the dark corners of your mind.

tinman18 said...

If Uzbekistan is where she wants to go next, it makes me wonder where she's been before.

She doesn't do 2 weeks by a pool in Majorca, I'm guessing.

laughykate said...

Last year it was Timbuktu and Casablanca!

Holemaster said...

Holy Moly. She sound like an interesting woman.

laughykate said...

She's very cool. And she's 72. Not that she's aware of that. On her birthday if you ask her age she says, 'I don't know, it's my birthday not a maths test.'

Generally when I've informed her of how old she is she says something like, 'Oh really? Am I? That does sound like an awful lot of years.'