Thursday, December 11, 2008

WARNING:SOME REPEATED MATERIAL AHEAD. (Just think of this blog like a radio station, due to a limited number of songs-some tunes are on high rotate).

I have talked before about how my father is a gadget guy. Oh how he loves his gadgets. My mother on the other hand, does not.

When they were brand new state-of-the-art technology, the video recorder came home when my mother claims she didn't give him a long enough list for the supermarket. When the microwave came home, she stamped her foot and said, 'If you've bought a bloody microwave, I'm going to China!' When the breadmaker came home, she refused to lay a hand on it and he, the man who I don't think knew where the kitchen actually was, began a long career in making bread. Two breadmakers later he is still going strong. There was the first espresso machine, which was chased up by the second espresso machine, and let's not forget the coffee grinder. There's the paper shredder, ('Pop, you do realise you're not the president?'), oh and, the GPS.

His latest gadget however, rates as my favourite. A scanner that scans slides.

That's my mother holding my older sister. (My sister is a bit bigger now).
I am really digging that dress.
I am really digging that scanner.


tinman18 said...

Your mum's gonna be really digging your grave when she finds out you've put that out in front of the whole world.

laughykate said...

Sshhh Tinman. It's the internet. My mother doesn't understand!

Medbh said...

That dress is fucking awesome!
Love it, LK.
You mom looks like she walked right out of "Mad Men."

laughykate said...

Isn't it cool, Medbh? I want it - bad.