Friday, December 19, 2008

I have a small brain, therefore I get small kicks out of small things.

I was having a flick through one of those fancy schmancy lifestyle magazines this morning and in the foodie section I saw a recipe for 'Chilled Cucumber Soup' and it was billed as an 'elegant dish'.


How on earth can you associate 'elegant' with 'chilled cucumber soup'?

All it conjured up was images of something with the consistency of wet tissues that had been soaked in cream and chicken stock. Gakety-gak.

I would be filing chilled cumcumber soup under Menus For People You Don't Ever Want to Accept Another Invitation For Dinner.

And on that note and just because I'm little Miss Gloaty Pants and have worked out how to post video, (I know I am so 2003) here is another ad I like.


Holemaster said...

Small brain hee hee. There was a guy on University Challenge once called John Brain. I love things like that and this...

laughykate said...

Hah !Brilliant. Do you read Popbitch? From this week

The BBC News reporter on board the Greenpeace vessel
chasing the Japanese whaling flotilla in Antarctic
waters was called Jonah Fisher.

Your favourite names of the year: Kevin de Cock,
Head of the World Health Organisation's HIV/AIDS
Dept. Runner up: Anurag Dikshit, Party Gaming.

Holemaster said...

Ha brilliant, Popbitch is great.

There is an artist here in Ireland called Joanna Kidney and she had a relative on the donor list for a kidney. No really. Happily as far as I know everything worked out fine.

Holemaster said...

I just realised I wrote "ha brilliant". I did that thing where you repeat what someone just said to you.

laughykate said...

I didn't even notice but then, I have a very small brain.

Medbh said...

LK, it took me forever to figure out how to post a video clip both because I'm a technophobe and a very lazy blogger.