Friday, December 12, 2008

Therapy, I need it.

The last few days have included: eight-five guinea pigs, two cheetah (without a wire fence in between us), thirty-five rats and a guy who (if you hacked of his left arm) was a dead ringer for Alfred from Robin's Nest.

So if you'll just excuse me, I'm off to join the circus.

But not before I go swimming with the seals.


Medbh said...

Hanging with the cheetahs sounds cool, but rats?
No can do.

Holemaster said...

Cool, you did the rats?

laughykate said...

Medbh, the cheetahs were very cool (and just a little disconcerting when you realised that these giant pussy cats are genetically programmed to rip you limb from limb). Their purr was incredible.

Yup I did the rats, Holemaster! I. Was. Terrified. Especially when I went in to the house and there were some on the loose. What I tried to do was think of nursery rhyme rats and Beatrix Potter rats
(didn't work).

Have to say,travelling in the car with rat lady who was holding TWO rats put the living shits up me.

Anonymous said...

There were meant to be 40 rats. What did you do to the others?

Actually, no, don't tell me.

laughykate said...

Fed them to the cheetahs.

Anonymous said...

Funny how we're all green with envy over the cheetahs but shuddering on your behalf over the rats.

Like, which one is the more dangerous?

laughykate said...

Good point Tinman!

Either: a room full of rats in cages running around wildly on their wheel spinny things (didn't help that they were all awake and PLAYING). I.E Lots of scattered, darting movement.

Or: two large running, eating machines lying in the sun purring deeply as you pat them - but with that smug look that says, 'It would only take two seconds....'