Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Show me the curveball.

I was watching Sky News this morning and I heard that Muntadar al-Zeidi, the guy who hiffed his size tens at Bush is still being held for 'questioning'.

Hmmm, call me crazy, but wouldn't they have run out of questions by now?

What make were the shoes?
What size were the shoes?
Where were the shoes made?
That was quite some throw, are you in a cricket or baseball team?
If you were aware that the President's reaction was going to be quite that swift, would have you aimed a little lower?
Were those the shoes you were wearing, or did you bring an extra pair?
In your opinion were size tens the most size appropriate shoes to hurl, i.e did you calculate the speed weight velocity of that shoe ?
Were you pleased with the result?

And having asked thoses questions I would have thought, 'Right, sick of shoes, what's for lunch?' and promptly wound the session up.

Oh hang on, is he being held for questioning or questioning ?


Medbh said...

I watched that 5 times.
It gave me a huge grin until it kind of sickened me to see how truly shameful shrub's tenure has been.

laughykate said...

Oh yeah, the words 'epic fail' spring to mind.

tinman18 said...

I have this awful feeling he's not going to be needing his shoes anymore...

... unless the Iraqi army wanted lessons from him, so that they can form a whole Battalion (the 5th Foot Regiment, perhaps)to go into battle hurling shoes at the Iranians.

If they didn't wash their socks for a while beforehand it would be a kind of chemical warfare.

Holemaster said...

It was worth two in the Bush.

laughykate said...

He should have made out he was Maxwell Smart and that he had a phone call for George.

tinman18 said...

Missed him by that much..