Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the Oscar goes to...

On a job I was working recently we were talking about strange things that we have witnessed in our lives.

I think one of the nominees for the Strangest Thing I Have Observed Award is the time I was on a work trip in Malaysia. We were having our forty-five cent breakfast of roti and dal (yes, it was kind of weird until you got your head around it) at a local joint. We were meandering through breakfast when one of the guys looking out the window remarked, 'There's a naked man.'

That caught everyone's attention. And most he certainly was, tall and naked.

Being the only girl of the team I noticed something else, 'Naked, except for those high heels he's wearing.'

We watched him for a bit and then went back to our roti and dal.

Until one of the others said, 'And he's cleaning those motorbike seats with watermelon.'

There were about fifteen motorbikes parked outside the food place and he had started intently scrubbing the seats of the bikes with a big juicy watermelon.

As you do.

So there's my morning talk, the floor is officially open.


vdog said...

I'm dumbstruck - apparently my dreams aren't even as weird as your reality!

laughykate said...

Vdog, it was quite special. We even captured it on a small camera!