Monday, January 12, 2009

They make 'em lippy these days

During the holidays Niece #1 looked at me and said, 'Hey! That hat! I have two of those!'

'You bought this with me, remember? You told me it looked disgusting and thought that I should be buying the pink straw cowboy hat instead. And I told you that I wasn't Daisy Duke.'

'Oh yeah, that's right. Well that hat doesn't look that good on you.'

'Up yours, small child.'


Anonymous said...

Please post a photo of the hat. Drape it over your foot if you feel you have to.

Does your niece know that you actually bought the pink straw cowboy hat as well, and that you wear it in your blog picture?

Holemaster said...

My nephew has e-mailed me one of those really really long stories with one of those silly endings. I still haven't read it. He's probably eagerly waiting for a "Heh". I feel bad.

laughykate said...

Holemaster, go at once and reply to your nephew!(It will make the bad feeling go away.)

holemaster said...

I spurned after reading.