Friday, January 16, 2009

Evolution - we has it.

Did you hear how Peru's top court has just ruled that workers cannot be fired for being drunk on the job?


So a janitor gets himself buffaloed, rocks up work and gets fired because he's drunk in charge of a broom.

Not entirely happy at this outcome the janitor took his case to court and it was ruled that the firing was excessive because even though he was drunk, he did not offend or hurt anybody.

(Naturally I have visions of Schneider off One Day at a Time and immediately feel empathy for the guy).

So if I get it right, it's okay to be drunk at work as long as you don't hurt or offend anyone - I am also loving the fact that it doesn't say you have to be productive while being drunk- you just have to be at work and not piss anyone off.


I'm moving to Peru.


Holemaster said...

We have rock fridays here and beer o'clock is at 4pm. It's a tradition I brought back from Australia. One of our clients is a beer company so we get free beer!

laughykate said...

I'm liking the company you work for, alot.

tinman18 said...

I'm off to Peru too. The great thing is that there's no risk that I might hurt or offend anyone - they'd all be my beshtest beshtest friendsh ever.

Whereas here companies have crap like paintballing to build staff cameraderie, no wonder our economy's rubbish.

laughykate said... building paintball. Something I am deeply suspicious of.

I once worked for an outfit where we had a team building day, I have deleted most of the experience from my mind, but do remember it ended in a group hug. I shit you, not. I had only just started there, but after that I was nano seconds from resigning.