Saturday, January 17, 2009


And thank you to Homepaddock for suggesting that this blog is worth a regular check (or regular waste of your time).

I don't like to brag, I feel I am quite skilled at wasting people's time. God knows enough teachers used to tell me so at school. I do remember managing to get our German teacher talking for an entire class about her hair and styles she has had it in through various decades.

Probably explains why I can only count to eleven in German.


homepaddock said...

Not so much wasting time as work avoidance which is doing something entertaining and/or interesting but not urgent when there's something less entertaining and interesting but more urgent to be done.

tinman18 said...

She'd only had eleven hairstyles, then?

You should have asked her about all the shoes she's ever owned, and you'd be able to count to two thousand now.

laughykate said...

Homepaddock, I do like your logic!

And Tinman,I think it's because I have something about the number eleven in my head. I have a distinct memory (as a preschooler) of being able to count to eleven, and that was it. No clue what came next. Somehow my brain is wired that the first eleven numbers in any language are essential and the ones after that, well, pah.

tinman18 said...

Trying using that in your favour the next time you're sent to interview a woman with 35 pet rats.

Just tell yourself "well, at least there's only eleven of them".

Holemaster said...

My niece, when she was about five used to her call her friend eleven. Her name was Evelyn. I used to ask her about her friends just so i could hear her say it.

laughykate said...

Nice thinking Tinman, I shall now apply that theory when thinking about my mortgage.

Holemaster, I do love how small people pronounce words - it makes for great entertainment. Some people like to do crosswords, I would far prefer to work out what the preschooler's sentence meant.