Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well giddy-up, it's a brand new year!

Hello and let's slap a happy-new-year-people in there as well. I realise that very soon I shall be so last week in saying that, but I think I can squeeze one last use out of it. I hope you've all had wonderful old holidays, I certainly have.

Oh let me count the ways I love summer. As promised beach pictures.

My view.
And then a brief tumble down the hill where you could find yourself looking at stuff like this.

Okay - fessing up - I didn't take that shot, and it didn't happen when I was there - I think Mrs Sunshine took it, but it's worthy of an airing here.

And finally, my foot.

I seemed to have developed a thing about taking shots of people's feet this summer, something I find vaguely weird about myself. But in my defence Your Honour,I have to say little children's feet are terminally cute.

Okay I will stop now.

Heading over to the beach after Christmas I was in a car that was to pick up avocados. We found a roadside stall that we thought was the best value.

Bag of ten avocadoes the size of my head? NZ$4 (1.7 Euro, US$2.37).

Big bag of tomatoes that tasted like tomatoes and not sacks of tomato flavoured water? NZ$1.

Satisfaction at value for money? Priceless.


Holemaster said...

You're back!

Nice photos, where is that? Those islands in the background look very Robinson Crusoe. And the Avocados for that price are for nothing. I think I'd par nearly that much for one.

tinman18 said...

Ok, so you're summer does look fairly nice.

And the place looks lovely.

Baby's feet I can understand, but why would you take a picture of your own? And just one foot, at that?

Good to have you back, BTW.

laughykate said...

HIya Holemaster!It's a wee beach on the Coromandel and it's truly glorious.

And hello Mr Tin. What? Do people have two feet? And doesn't it look like it's having such a good time? That's one happy foot.

savannah said...

happy new year, sugar! so if that's the happy foot, the other has to be, as james brown was wont to say...the good foot! xoxo

laughykate said...

Hee! Oh yeah!(Insert James Brown accent). Happy new year to you too!