Thursday, January 29, 2009

Did I miss something ?

I'm trying to find something out about an event that's going on in a very small remote community soon. These are the conversations I've had over the last few days.

Phone call #1.

Insert phone greeting part. 'I'm trying to find something out about X, can you tell me who I need to talk to?'

'Oh, you'll have to talk to Jack. You'll find him on this number.'

Phone call #2.

'Hi, insertphonegreetingandexplanationpart. So is Jack available ?'

'No, he's not. But ring this number tomorrow and ask for Wayne.'

But I thought I was asking for Jack?

'Ask for Wayne?'


Phone call #3

'Hi, insertphonegreetingandexplanationpart. So is Wayne around?'

'No, you'll catch Jack down at the workshop.'

Either these people are messing with my brain, or everyone has two names.


Anonymous said...

You haven't told us what the event is that's taking part in this place.

Is it a Schizophrenics Convention, perhaps?

laughykate said...

And there was me thinking I was being quietly obtuse about it.

Holemaster said...

Sounds like Co. Wicklow. Tinman will know.

laughykate said...

Tinman! Help me out here.

Anonymous said...

I think HM is referring to the fact that we Wicklow people are not the world's brightest, owing to a belief widely held in our county that there's no point going out into the world looking for a wife when there are perfectly good wimmin available with one's own family.

laughykate said...

Lots of piped banjo music then?

Anonymous said...

Lots of banjo music.

And lots of toes - twelve or thirteen each, in fact.

(If Jo, who's also from Co Wicklow, reads this, Holemaster and I are dead).