Friday, January 30, 2009

Stick a badge on that pole and call it Officer.

I wasn't aware of this story until it made headlines across the ditch and one of my 'Stralian cousins alerted me to it.

In a nutshell, two prisoners made a break for freedom from a courthouse, one had just been sentenced to two years for assault and the other was in custody for violating parole and stealing a car.

Their escape was going swimmingly well until they forgot one minor detail - that they were, um, sort of, like, handcuffed together.

A light pole took them out when Einstein went for the left hand side of the pole and Rutherford opted for the right hand side. Momentum dictated swift u-turns around the pole in opposite directions, and the officers of the law who were in hot pursuit then decided lashings of pepper spray was a good way to top the whole episode off.

Shucks, these guys' parents must be bursting with pride, they've bred children who could qualify for the Darwin Awards.


Anonymous said...

They showed the video on our national night-time news last night, as the "and finally" part where you know something gross or stupid is going to happen.

Don't take it up wrongly when I say that as soon as I saw it I thought of you - it's just that you're the only person living in NZ that I know.

laughykate said...

You'll notice that we're not world champions in the three legged race, either.

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laughykate said...

Oh yeah and Tinman, after I posted this I went through and caught the end of the news - what were they running with? A story on the international coverage this story was getting.

savannah said...

gotta love it, sugar! all the things going on in this world, those boys gave everyone a good laugh! xoxo

Holemaster said...

There was a bloke here once who was running from a robbery and being chased by the cops. He was dashing in and out of shops, around cars, over walls and then ran full speed in through the door of....... the local police station.

laughykate said...

Savannah, it's got to the States as well?

Holemaster, brilliant.

And Supershadow, okaaaaaaaaaaay. Have I just been comment spammed?

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention that one of them was George Lucas.

Was he the guy in for assault, or the parole violator?

laughykate said...

'1. thou shalt not question the infallibility of george lucas or his creations'

No, they just heard the judge (in between do important judge stuff) saying that he thought the latest Star Wars film was shit.

holemaster said...

oh no you've been Supershadowed LK.