Sunday, August 17, 2008

The curse of the jumping gene.

My sister told me that if the four-year-old fills up her star chart with a month of stars, she wants a 'little kid's skateboard.'

And I suddenly thought of our family's rogue 'jumping' gene. It strikes at random in every generation. It's a terrible affliction, it results in red snow, cuts, bruises, broken and dislocated bones.

Exhibit A.
My brother Sunshine carries this gene. Now unfortunately Mrs Sunshine is also a fellow jump gene carrier, so we weren't that shocked when we realised that Little Miss Sunshine is afflicted with this condition. And at just ten sweet years old, she is already up to her second skateboard. Poor old Master Sunshine has a very severe case. Exhibit B.

Now I suspect those who carry this gene, can identify others like themselves.

So, when I heard what the four-year-old said to her mother and coupled this information with Exhibit C, I am afraid I can draw no other conclusion other than there is a high possiblility we have another jumper in the family. Poor wee lamb. I know already she will have a lifetime of doctors' visits ahead of her.

(P.S She is four in New Zealand years, in Chinese years she's actually twelve).

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