Friday, February 20, 2009

Another reason to love Australians.

Jetstar hopped across the Tasman and opened doors for business in New Zealand this week.

(Literal translation: Jetstar hopped across the Tasman and opened doors for business this week, thoroughly pissing of Air New Zealand who have smugly being charging people far too much for flights for far too long).

The Australian reports, 'Air New Zealand responded quickly and vowed to compete vigorously against Jetstar, touting its own low-fare credentials and greater frequency on routes targeted by its competitors.'

(Literal translation: Air New Zealand will be to forced drop their fares if they want anyone to ever fly Air New Zealand again. And they are really hoping New Zealanders will forget all those years of fare abuse they have suffered in the hands of the airline).

Jetstar kicked off their 245 million dollar expansion into New Zealand by offering one dollar fares between Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. The offer was Internet only and you had to book between 12 and 2 p.m.

Naturally wanting to get a piece of the $1 action I jumped on the Internet. Got about five minutes in to my booking and, crash!

Second attempt. Three minutes in. Crash.

Third attempt. New computer. Two minutes in. Crash.

You get the picture. Basically if you try and to jam the population of Tokyo into cars, and then send them down a dusty two lane road, you're going to get a traffic jam. But I'm suspecting Jetstar knew that already.

But they didn't count on little Miss Terrier Pants wanting to get her hands on a $1 fare. Hell no, too much traffic on the dusty road wasn't going to deter me.

I rang their toll free number. Disconnected.

I tried again. Disconnected.

I tried again. Busy.

I tried again. Busy.

About five calls later I got through. A recorded message talked to me and I was put on hold.

FOR TWENTY-ONE MINUTES. (Luckily, speakerphone has been invented).

So I managed to make my booking and the woman said, 'Now I'm sorry but there is a fee for a phone booking, so the full charge to your credit card will be $3.'

I told her I thought I could wear it.

A quick scan of the Internet tells me that if I wanted, I could pay Air New Zealand $434 for the very same flight, should I desire to part with the cash.

As I am writing this I've just heard that Air New Zealand has just announced $3 fares.

Jetstar, I think I love you.


Holemaster said...

Well now you can look forward to cheap plastic seats, no seat pockets, constant ads playing over the intercom, paying for checked on luggage, paying for check-in, paying for all food and drink on board, paying for a flight even if cancel it.

Ah I can't complain. I'm flying to Germany tomorrow for €60. (€1 fare, the rest is airport tax). And London in May for €30.

laughykate said...

Fifty-nine Euro for airport tax? The thieving bastards!

whoopsadaisy said...

Sounds good Kate, so where did you book to fly to?

Loving your blog btw, this is my first visit thanks to Holemaster.

laughykate said...

Hey there Whoopsadaisy! Thank you. It was just a domestic fare. BUT IT WAS A ONE DOLLAR DOMESTIC FARE!!