Tuesday, February 03, 2009

If you are easily offended, I'd miss this one out. And please remember, if we care for someone in New Zealand, we tend to take the piss out of them.

'How is your beautiful mother? I haven't spoken to her in ages.' Asked my cousin.

'Glorious, as usual.'

'She still teaching driving for the blind?'

'And shouting for the deaf?' Asks my cousin's husband.

Confused? This conversation should make a little more sense when you understand that that my mother volunteers at riding for the disabled.


Holemaster said...

Eh, did half my comment just go through there?

Anyway, was going to say that "riding for the disabled" would mean something very different in Ireland.

laughykate said...

This is only comment that has come through, Holemaster.

Should I dare asking what it might mean in Ireland? Or don't I want to know?

Holemaster said...

Well erm, shall I say riding is, you know...

laughykate said...

Right you are. 'Nuff said.