Thursday, February 19, 2009

Peter Jackson, eat your heart out.

I found this sensation when I was searching for the building (that I failed to find) I refer to in the previous comments. It is home to Nikolai Sutyagin, a former gangster, in Arkhangelsk, Russia. He had meant it only to be two stories but got a little more ambitious when he went to Norway and Japan and decided he hadn't used his roof space efficiently enough, so continued to build. He added three more floors, thought it looked like a mushroom so continued to build some more. As you do.

Unfortunately after some time in the slammer, the multimillionaire lost all his ill gotten gains and he now lives in the bottom floor with his wife while the rest of the house decays around him.

I wonder how they would have gone shooting Lord of the Rings in Arkhangelsk?
More fantastic houses here.


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Sakis, I couldn't make your link work, so I googled it.

My Russian being non, erm, existant I picking you're suggesting he would have been welcomed, maybe?