Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here she comes!

Myself and two other friends caught up with another friend for lunch the other day. We live in different cities and four months ago the friend we were catching up with had had her first baby. (Sound complicated? Three of us were in town on a job). Anyway, Now-With-Child-Friend had had a big, incredibly full-on job in the film industry until she had her baby.

'So what's life like these days?'

'It's incredibly different.' She giggled. 'No longer do we go out to swanky dinners on a whim! Nor can we be the most selfish couple on the planet.'

'How social are you?'

'You wouldn't believe it! We are so social! She -,' she said indicating to the bucket full of baby, 'is the hottest ticket in town. We're always getting asked out.'

I am absolutely fascinated about the birth story. (Don't worry, you don't have to stop reading now, I'm not going to go all icky on you.)

She was a few weeks overdue so she'd been scheduled to be induced at the hospital at six p.m. Unfortunately when they arrived they discovered there wasn't actually a spare bed at the hospital -something you would imagine was reasonably critical in matters like this- so they told her to go home and come back at seven the next morning.

They were cool with that, and during the night she started to have contractions. She put herself in the bath for a couple of hours around 2. a.m. I might be getting the story wrong here, but about five-ish her husband rang the midwife, while he was talking to her, the midwife heard
About-To-Blow-Mother have a contraction in the background and suggested that, erm, perhaps they should leg it to the hospital.

Long story short. Her husband dropped About-To-Blow at the front doors to the hospital. He parked the car and charged off to find his wife.

His carpark ticket said, 6.01 a.m.

Their daughter was born at 6.14 a.m.

My question is this, will their daughter always be in a hurry to get to places?


Holemaster said...

What's with these birth stories, wuhhhh.

Anyway, yes she'll always be leaving things to the last minute and running for planes and trains. She'll be saying things like "just pull in here for a sec, I'll just be a few minutes".

laughykate said...

That's what I suspect, destined to be the last person on the plane for the rest of her life. Does things at the last minute, but really quickly.