Thursday, October 29, 2009

Please don't make me be a duckling slayer.

Dear Mrs Duck,

While I am sure you are very proud of your new ducklings and you can't wait to show them off to the world and around the neighbourhood, can I please request just one thing?
Would you please be able to refrain from walking them across the road? It's just if I'm driving down the road, and I suddenly see you all crossing I can't promise I will hit the brakes in order to avoid taking out your family.
I know this sounds all very selfish but it's like this - if there's a car up my derriere and, without warning, I hit the brakes chances are said car could crash into the boot of my car and before you can say 'Peter Rabbit for president' I will be wearing my internal organs on the outside.
Sorry to be a killjoy. Maybe just stick to paths and water ways.
Just a thought.
Happy waddling.


Holemaster said...

Ah so it's springtime in NZ. Have you go your annual e-mail from Tinman, packaging up Summer and sending it south?

laughykate said...

It's currently nine degrees and hailing Holemaster, so feels like we're back in bowels of winter.

And yes, he relinquished it a wee while ago.

He wasn't that happy about it, either. I don't care cause IT'S OUR TURN NOW ! Whop-freaking-yee!

Fat Sparrow said...

I dunno, "Laughykate the Duckling Slayer" has a certain ring to it.

It's certainly better than the shite Joss Whedon is currently pulling out of his arse.

Fat Sparrow said...


The only way grass gets that green here is if it's fake or they've painted it.

laughykate said...

Fat Sparrow, I think I would be much better at slaying ducklings than vampires.

Oh and that grass? It's thanks to Google Images. However. We got LOADS o that stuff down here. Want me to ship some of it your way?

The Peach Tart said...

how adorable

laughykate said...

Oh, I love everything about ducks, especially their proud waddles.

However I am not so keen on them when you encourage them,and their offsring, into your house-cause it seems really funny- only to discover that they are well-tuned, shameless shitting machines.

Fat Sparrow said...

I suspect California has better grass, dude, hahaha.

laughykate said...

Arh yes, the master race.