Monday, October 19, 2009

You're welcome.

Just in case you've been too busy to head over to (thank you Fat Sparrow, again) I thought I could do a public service and bring peopleofwalmart to you. Cause I'm good like that.
I wonder how old the owner of this car is?

Whoever it is - they're classy, very classy.
And next up, a shot that leaves me at a complete loss for words.



Fat Sparrow said...

Sorry, that last one was me... In my defense, it was 102 F out, and I had just got done teaching my "Toddler's Tap and Soft Shoe" class and desperately needed some cleaning products after the little buggers had been in my studio.

Nah, I got nothing.

Grow Up said...

Best argument yet for the Golgafrincham solution.

laughykate said...

FAt Sparrow, do you come from Golgafrincham?? Wow.

What's the weather like ?

Fat Sparrow said...

Oh, way to blow my cover!

savannah said...

sweetness, that is obviously a woman who has not followed the cardinal rule of fashion:

just because they make it in your size, does not mean you can wear it!


laughykate said...

Sav, I hadn't heard that before! Brilliant!

Baconguy said...

Oh boy, I actually came over here to leave you a link to this site and have been beaten to it :/

Super website.

laughykate said...

But thank you for thinking of me, Baconguy!