Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things i have learnt this year.

#1. Best always to take a pee before going underground in a coal mine.


injaynesworld said...

LOL! Yes, I would think so. Who wants to squat in a coal mine and get coal dust all over their ass. That's stuff a bitch to get off. Not that I've had personal experience squatting in a coal mine, mind you..

Anonymous said...


Just pee away in the dark and then blame the canary.

laughykate said...

Jayne, you're so right! Also, factor in that it had been closed for about fifty years so, old coal dust.

Well Tinman, I thought I trashed enough credibity with the gnarly old coalminers when I brightly announced, 'Now if I see anything rodent like and running, I am warning you, I shall scream like the girl's blouse I really am.' So really didn't want to draw anymore attention to myself.