Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Remind me not to save any owls, anytime soon.

This from Acid Cow.

So a great horned owl was found walking on the side of a freeway, in the middle of somewhere. Some people discovered him, scooped him up, put him in a cardboard box, took a photo of him and moved him to state park.

This picture says one thing to me, and one thing only.
Be very afraid.


Fat Sparrow said...

Oh, I love those pics! That is just brilliant, because just yesterday I was telling the Nestling Sparrow about owls, and how much I love them. I got a serious beating from my parents for wandering away from home when I was 5 (even though I knew I wasn't supposed to) because at dusk a group of high school kids were on their way to go look at a barn owl on a fence and I followed them. In my defense, I did ask them to stop and wait so I could go tell my parents, but they wouldn't and so I followed them anyway. It was a beautiful white owl. And then I was telling the sprog about my Aunt Linda, who had a friend who had a pet Great Horned Owl. They're like cats with beaks, that same attitude, which I think you can tell by the look on the owl's face!

I've rescued and raised baby owlets before, and they are vicious little buggers. You have to feed them with really pointy tweezers (for the small owls) or sharpened chopsticks (for the larger owlets) or they will go for your hand, along with the food.

Yep, I love owls.

Mwa said...


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell.
And he can turn his head 180 degress. How did they sneak up to get him into the box?

Holemaster said...

Jesus H.

injaynesworld said...

Oh my God! That is hysterical! I may have just wet my pants.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i love this. that one eye seems to say, "if i could, i would tear you to shreads."

Paul said...


laughykate said...

Fat Sparrow, is it odd that I think it's funny that you love owls!

Mwa, as I said, be very afraid.

Tinman, I forgot about that 180 degree thing, they just got scarier.

Holemaster. I reckon he'd be scared of them.

Injaynesworld, I'm too scared to laugh at him.

Best Wishes, Maries, EXACTLY!

Paul - or shit yourself !

Fat Sparrow said...

Well, they do like to nack on sleeping sparrows, so I suppose my love for owls is kinda funny. I love bats, too.

@ Tinman -- You know, nothing hunts those things, so I imagine he was very, very surprised when someone grabbed him (think of someone picking up and grabbing the Queen), which is why that person still has eyeballs and is able to take pics. That, and he's probably injured or sick in some way.

Grow Up said...

Man, I wish I could give people the evil eye like that.

laughykate said...

Yeah, Grow Up, wouldn't it be great? The phrase, 'freeze a bead of sweat from fifteen metres' springs to mind.