Thursday, August 14, 2008

What time would you like to fly, madam?

Lunch with my cousin and my aunt/godmother today.

My cousin was telling me that my aunt had wanted her to check out flights for her on the Internet, but she had forgotten right up until she was having lunch with her a few days later. Lunching right next to a travel agent, my cousin suggested that they pop in and see what was available.

The travel agent asked exactly when my aunt wanted to fly but my aunt pointed out she didn't have a specific date, she was just wanting to find out about general availability i.e how often flights left to this destination on a daily basis.

Apparently the travel agent got quite snippy and told her that she couldn't check availability if there wasn't a date.

Which annoyed my cousin just a teensy bit.

'Look', she huffed, completely over the travel agent, 'It's for a funeral, it's just she's not dead yet.'



Medbh said...

This is yet another reason why travel agents are soon to be extinct.

laughykate said...

I have a love/hate relationship with them. When they're good, they're worth their weight in gold, if they're bad they should be (to borrow an FMC term) blunderbussed.