Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Dad, not the double decker!

I am wondering if the Chinese are waking up this morning and thinking, 'That was a really good way to spend ten billion pounds.'

What am I saying? Of course that's what they are thinking (as they quickly inject their gymnasts with growth hormones and provide proof of an extra two years they have spent on the planet. 'This document state He Kexin,Yang Yilin and Jiang Yuyuan all work in fireworks factory from '91-'92 between age of one and two year.)

I am sure they will have Jacques Rogge's speech on high rotate on national broadcast, especially the ' These were truly exceptional Games!' bit.

But really, what was he going to say? 'Come on China, could have done better. You call ten years in the planning preparation? Sorry people, would have liked to see more effort, giving you a C on this one.'

How many people leave a dinner party and say to their hosts, 'Thank you for dinner, but it was shit. Remind me never to come back here again, oh that's right, I don't have to, I have dinner booked for the rest of my life.'

Anyway, good on them for providing the best fireworks spectacle of the century. From the highlights I saw I am picking that the closing ceremony was just as sensational as the opening (many fireworks, many many dancing people), but I have to say I remain a little dubious about the inclusion of the double decker bus. I have a feeling that its appearance would have sent many Brits crawling under the sofa, cringing. It was almost like a Dad joke.

I am not sure whose idea it was, and am wondering whether it was the Chinese just having the last laugh. 'We invented fireworks, you invented the double decker bus. Incorporate that into your opening ceremony, sucker.'

And I am not going to suggest exploding double decker buses because that would be a state-the-obvious joke and it would be immature.


savannah said...

i saw a few bits of the closing ceremonies on the tv...that was enough! xoxo

laughykate said...

I love the person who invented highlights packages!

laughykate said...
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Anonymous said...

It was the Londoners who brought the bus, Kate. They were given eight minutes to present a teaser for London 2012 and came up with that. I think it was a toss-up between the bus and an East-end gang shoot-out.

laughykate said...


That seals it, they're obviously going for the Demotivational Games.

London 2012 - we're not going to try harder than the Chinese.