Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I had forgotten about this joke until I remembered it.

The most famous film director in the world dies. He makes his way to heaven and is queueing up outside the pearly gates when God's security guard St Peter comes along and has a yarn.

'HI there Really Famous Film Director, great to see you here.'
'It's great to be here as well, I was really over living.'
'God is particuluarly excited about you being here, as well.'
'I am looking forward to meeting him.'
'And he you. In fact he has actually got a bit of a favour to ask.'
'What's that?' Asks the really weary Really Famous Film Director.
'God would really love you to direct just one last film.'
'Look, I'd love to,' sighed RFFD, 'but to be perfectly honest, I'm knackered. I just want to hang out in heaven and chill for a bit.'
'Look, God is really keen on this. And he will make it worth your while.'
'How's that?'
'Shakespeare's agreed to do the script, Beethoven is doing the music and Michelangelo is going to do the set.'
'Oh really?' Said RFFD, perking up a little, 'oh well, why not? Just one last film for old time's sake.'
'Great!' Said St Peter and shook RFFD's hand, I'll get God on the blower. Then he stopped for a moment and said, 'Oh and, there's just one other thing....'
'What's that?' Asks RFFD.
'It's just that God has got this girlfriend who thinks she can act.....'

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