Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pop Quiz

What is this?

Can't work it out?
Okay, I will give you a clue...

It's a very clean newspaper.
I rock.


unPC lesbian said...

ok, so obvious questions, how do you
A: get a newspaper into the pocket of your jeans? and
B: not notice it when putting the wash on?

I thouhgt tissues were bad enough!!

surfergirl said...

ROFL! New fashion trend???

laughykate said...

Unpc - my sister asked the very same question. I said I suspected it was the guy who always puts chopped up carrots into vomit. And that it would have had absolutely nothing to do with the fact I keep my old newspapers on top of my washing machine and I wasn't taking any notice of when I loaded up the machine.

Surfergirl - I am thinking that furry grey isn't going to take off - unless you're a dog.

Medbh said...

I can see this becoming "a look," LK.

laughykate said...

The jeans are currently in the bath as I try and soak the paper off !