Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Would you like a wodka with your fries?

Ronald MacDonald.


Could you get a creepier mascot?

(And just to mess with the whole image even more, did you know that the first Ronald MacDonald appeared in 1963 and didn't talk because he had a heavy Russian accent?)


Sharon, a/k/a Langtry said...

I had high school friends who worshipped the Ronald McDonald 'sculpture' in their local Mickey D's.

If you were a Junior or a Senior at Evanston Township High School, you could go off campus for lunch. The Mickey D's was the place to go in 1985. This one had a Ronald who sat cross-legged with his hands up in the air, Doug Henning-style. It was so ridiculously hippy-trippy that my friends decided it had to be adored as a Sex God.

Good times, good times!

laughykate said...

That's hilarious.

A cousin of mine was at a MacDonalds when it had only recently opened here, and the day she was in there Ronald MacDonald had come to visit.

She said he was clowning around spreading MacDonald love and goodwill and he sat down at their table saying, 'Oh isn't it a happy happy day. Are you having a lovely time?'

And her friend turned to him, looked him straight in the eye and said, 'Fuck.Off.'

The image of it still makes me chuckle.